Loans on property for persons with deviation in ITR

We offer home loans and property loans to person who have filed ITRs irregularly with following benefits.

Interest Rates starting at 9.5%

Loan upto 2.5 Crore

Loan Amounts upto 2.5 Crore with Co-Applicants

Flats in Gram Panchayat

Loans on flats in Gram Panchayat

Flexi Pre-Payment

Pay any amount upto 100 times a year without any penalty.

Lower EMIs by 30%

Tenure upto 30 years

Save 3-5 Lakhs in Interest *

Savings Linked Account

Make all the money in your account work for you everyday

We will match you with the best bank.

Just give a few details and we will match you with the best bank.


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