Loans on property non income tax filings(ITR) persons

We offer home loans and property loans to person who do not file ITRs with following benefits.

Interest Rates starting at 9.5%

Loan upto 40 Rs Lakhs

Loan Amounts upto 50 Lakhs with Co-Applicants

Gram Kantam Properties

At reduce interest.

Flats in Gram Panchayat

Loans on flats in Gram Panchayat

Lower EMIs by 30%

Tenure upto 30 years

Save 3-5 Lakhs in Interest *

Payment till 70 years age

Flexi Pre-Payment

Pay any amount upto 100 times a year without any penalty.

We will match you with the best bank.

Just give a few details and we will match you with the best bank.


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