Loans on property with Unlimited Free Pre-Payments

We offer large amount home loans and property loans with Unlimited Free Pre-Payments with following benefits.

Save upto 20 lakhs in Interest

On a 30 year loan of 50 Lakhs. Calculated basis a total prepayment of 10 lakhs and Rate of Interest of 9.5%.

Incomes Fluctuations on your advantage

Deposit your excess earnings in a linked account.
Principal reduces by the amount deposited

Zero Pre-Payment Penalties

for all banks. But many Banks/NBFC have restrictions – The minimum amount to be paid is often equal to 2 EMIs. So small amounts can not be deposited.

3-4 pre-payments in a year.

Banks/NBFC have restrictions on no of times a person can PrePay – Typically 3-4 pre-payments in a year. So you need to plan pre-payments.

PrePay as low as Rs 500

LoanAlexa helps you get Home Loan where you can prepay as low as Rs 500. Also pay as many times a year as you want.

We will match you with the best bank.

Just give a few details and we will match you with the best bank.


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